Ceiling Lifts

Ceiling lifts or track systems are installed at the ceiling of the home and are a mechanism to transfer an individual from one device to another within the room or in some cases to transfer from room to room. We can install these systems in RESIDENTIAL and COMMERCIAL / INSTITUTIONAL applications.

With capacities ranging from 300 lbs. to 1000 lbs. and mounting options to suit most room situations we have the products and knowledge to safely install a ceiling lift to improve accessibility for an individual.

STRAIGHT TRACK SYSTEM: Also known as a “mono-rail”.
This is an individual track to allow movement of a client along the path of the track. This is the most economical track layout but limits the movement and layout of the room to suit the track.

XY TRACK SYSTEM: Also known as an “H-Track”.
This is a rail system where two parallel tracks are mounted to the ceiling and a boom track is mounted perpendicular to the tracks. This is a more expensive install method but it allows for movement anywhere within the X-Y plane, or area, created by the track setup.