Getting in and out of your house can be a challenge, ramps are an important feature in accessing a home or building. This applies not only to people who use wheelchairs but also to those who have difficulty climbing stairs or have general mobility issues. There are many options available to make stairs and thresholds easier to navigate.

Threshold Ramp

Threshold Ramps

Threshold ramps are great when you need to roll over a small bump. They make a great bridge between the surfaces and are made out of a durable material that is easy to roll over.

Folding Ramps

Folding ramps are portable ramps that fold up to a compact size and are great for temporary or infrequent use.

Folding Ramps
Threshold Ramp

Modular Ramps

Modular ramps are a great alternative to building a wooden exterior access ramp or when a shorter ramp won’t do. Components are available in many different shapes and lengths which allows for nearly infinite combinations to suit various situations. They are made out of aluminum which means the tread is very good in wet weather and withstands the elements well.

Wooden Ramps

are a lower cost permanent solution that can be built to integrate with existing desks or any custom situation.